Jill Palmer

Wylie ISD School Board Trustee, Place 1 Seat

Ji​ll Palmer

I am a devoted wife and mother ​determined to secure a positive ​and facts-based education for all ​of our community’s children.

"Going Back to Basics!"

Partnering with families to restore effective education in our ​schools through efficiency, transparency, and accountability.

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Why Jill Palmer

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Delivering value to ​our citizens in the ​form of maximum ​return on their tax ​dollars

A value-added and results-​based approach to ​budgeting and fiscal ​matters. Complete ​financial transparency and ​accountability.

Protecting young ​minds, and ​equipping our ​children to meet ​tomorrow’s ​challenges

Developing our youths into ​ethical, courageous, ​conscientious, and ​productive adults. Teaching ​logic and reason: how to ​think, not what to think. ​Respect for parents, with a ​collaborative and open ​“partnering” approach to the ​development of all ​supplemental materials.

Consistent, ​rigorous policies ​and procedures ​regarding safety ​and well being of ​all stakeholders

Incident response protocols ​for all physical and verbal ​altercations involving ​students and/or faculty & ​staff. Fostering a culture of ​respectful debate, and ​freedom of opinion and ​conscience, for our faculty ​and staff.


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Ways to Get Involved

There are many ways you can ​volunteer to support Jill Palmer. ​From one-time opportunities to ​ongoing partnerships, your ​involvement can start a ripple of ​change – changing the lives of ​children and the future we all ​share.

If you are interested in getting a ​yard sign to help show your ​support for the campaign please ​complete the following form and ​someone will contact you shortly.

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Wy​lie, Texas

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